American Journal of Business and Management Research (AJBMR)

(ISSN Number(Print) - 2693-4108)
(ISSN Number(Online) - 2691-5103)



American Journal of Business and Management Research (AJBMR) [ISSN (Online) - 2691-5103] is an international open access, peer-reviewed, quarterly Journal published by Society for Makers, Artist, Researchers and Technologists (SMART).

The journal encourages theoretical and empirical research papers, articles and Case Studies and Book Review of relevance to both academicians and practitioners and publishes papers on diverse areas of management such as, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Ethics in Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Business, Environmental Management, Waste Management, Communication Management ,Data Analysis and Decision Making, Strategic Decision Making, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Intellectual Property Rights, Logistics Management, Inventory Management, Retail Management, Production & Operation Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management among others.

American Journal of Business and Management Research aims to reach out to academics, research scholars, consultants, , practitioners - CEOs; functional managers, policy makers and government establishments. The objective of the Journal is to consider management processes in global and cross-cultural contexts and to secure international inputs and comparisons. The broad scope and developmental editorial policies of this magazine is to create accessible and thought provoking content for not only academicians but also the general business community.